Starter Capsules

Starter Capsules

LocalSignal offers Starter Websites for quick development time. Starter Websites are full fledged website that can be utilized in just a few clicks. They include:

  • Pages
  • Panels
  • Page Layouts
  • Assets
  • Dummy Content
  • Custom Styling
  • Menus & Forms
  • Scripts
  • Image/ Text Placeholders

Page Layouts

Page layouts are a collection of Panels in a specific order. The stored page layouts that can be applied to an empty page.


LocalSignal uses panels as building blocks for a web page. Use the panel library to create a new panel or start with a blank editor. Panels are sorted in the following categories:  

  • Basic Content
  • Blog
  • Custom
  • Footer
  • Forms
  • Gallery
  • Guides
  • Header/ Navigation
  • Hero
  • Image/ Icon Buttons
  • Lists
  • Map
  • Miscellaneous
  • Pricing
  • Structural Elements
  • Team
  • Testimonials

Image/ Text Placeholders

LocalSignal uses placeholder text and images within website demos and the panel library. The placeholder content is there to help show what the website can potentially look like after real content is placed. We recommend replacing the images and content before you publish your website.


Placeholder assets are included with a demo website. Images, PDFs, ZIP, audio, video and other les can be seen in the media manager.

Website CSS

Each Website is given a default CSS. This can be accessed in the Scripts of the app.

Website JS

Default JavaScript file that can be accessed in Scripts. By default, it's loaded on every page of the website.