Web Capsules

LocalSignal Web Capsules contain all of your website's data. 

Each Web Capsule has it's own:

  • Sitemap
  • Assets
  • Scripts
  • Panels
  • Forms
  • Menus
  • Blog
  • Options

In order to create a new website, you need to create a new web capsule on the Local Signal platform.

Web Capsules

New LocalSignal Blank Web Capsules come with the following:

  • Home Page
  • Page Not Found (404) Page
  • Maintenance Mode Page

Upon creation, a LocalSignal Theme can be applied to a web capsule. If you choose to utilize a LocalSignal Starter Capsule, the Web Capsule will have:

  • Home Page
  • Page Not Found (404) Page
  • Maintenance Mode Page
  • Demo Pages
  • Demo Page Layouts
  • Demo Menus
  • Demo Forms
  • Blog Index Page Template
  • Blog Post Page Template
  • Assets Included in the Demo
  • Scripts Included in the Demo
  • Non Copyrighted Media Files

Creating a New Web Capsule

To access Web Capsules, go to the Main Settings on the LocalSignal Menu. From the Web Capsule page, you can Create a New Web Capsule with just a few clicks!

Editing a Web Capsule

To edit a web capsule, select the Edit Sitemap button from the Web Capsule page in the LocalSignal App.

You can delete a Web Capsule in the same menu. 

Note: Once a Capsule has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved.


LocalSignal ToolKits provide developers with a  generic set of panels and scripts that can be used in developing Starter Websites as well as Client websites. ToolKits provide basic Panels that can be implemented and styled for the developer's needs.

Starter Website

LocalSignal offers Starter Websites for quick development time. Starter Websites are full fledged website that can be utilized in just a few clicks. They include:

  • Pages
  • Panels
  • Page Layouts
  • Assets
  • Dummy Content
  • Custom Styling
  • Menus & Forms
  • Scripts
  • Image/ Text Placeholders

Demo Websites

Demo Websites are used to show the potential of a Starter Website.